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So you decided to move to Georgia. That’s no surprise to us. We completely understand and support your decision as Georgia is sprinkled with hidden gems and juicy peaches. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy some delicious Georgia peaches on any given day? But you’re not moving to Georgia only for the peaches, are you? Of course not! Unless you want to get in on the business and open your own peace culture. While we have no intentions to disregard the historical importance of the fruit in Georgia, we are sure peaches aren’t the only reason why you are moving to the Peach State.

Moving to a new state usually comes with alternative reasons which are personal to you and your family. Each household is trying to find the best city for their own lifestyle and needs. In order to be of some assistance to you in finding the place where you will feel most comfortable depending on what you’re looking for, we came up with a list of cities. Some are among the safest and most affordable cities in Georgia but they have other qualities as well. Each of the following cities is perfect in their own way and like this you will be able to choose based on what you or your family wants.

Savannah, GA — best for young professionals in the area

Breaking through the job market can be difficult in some cities as the competition can be fierce. This isn’t the case in Savannah, GA. With the unemployment rate around 3.7% and decreasing, the city of Savannah, GA manages to go below the state average while further increasing its job opportunities especially in the service sector but others as well. There is an annual projection for job growth of 0.6% based on Forbes[dot]com and an increase in household income of 3.3%.

The job market is as diverse as they come and you can find employment in manufacturing, tourism, military, education and health care among many others. Savannah, GA also has the fastest growing port in the nation and contributes significantly to the job market as it generates almost 300,000 jobs in the state. The tourism industry keeps a constant influx of over 2 billion dollars in the region’s economy while the military industry protects the community from possible impacts to the city’s economic welfare. With plenty of opportunities available the job market of Savannah, GA is the main reason why so many young professionals flock to this historic city. It’s astounding beauty is a very welcomed bonus, we’re sure. Living in this city will be a stepping stone for any young professional and realtors in Savannah GA can help you find affordable accommodations near your job.

Alpharetta, GA — best to raise a family

As one of the friendliest cities in America, Alpharetta, GA stands out as the ideal place to raise a family in the Peach State. With an excellent school system, the residents of Alpharetta are among the best educated in the state with high school graduation rates of 90%. But that’s not all. Alpharetta is considered the best place to live for young families who want to raise their children. With lower crime rates than the rest of the state, it’s easy to see why so many families choose to relocate here.

The city of Alpharetta, GA offers a safe, family friendly environment where the southern charm translates in tightly-knitted communities of families that focus on similar things. Making sure their children grow up to be well rounded and contributing members of the community in risk free surroundings while they enjoy the many parks, as well as other amenities near their home, is a must. With local entertainment centers as well as forests near-by, your family will be able to enjoy an active and well rounded life together. The future of Alpharetta stands in the children that grow up there so they turned their entire focus on creating the best possible life for the future leaders of their community. Find the best neighborhood to live in and contact real estate agents in Alpharetta GA to close the deal on a house near the best schools of the city.

Canton, GA — best for active families

A prime location for any active and outdoorsy family is a city that is only minutes away by car from mountain trails and exploring areas. Close to several hiking trails where you have the opportunity to get back in touch with nature, Canton, GA is ideal for nature lovers.

While not located within a forest as that could be potentially dangerous, from the city you can take weekend family trips in the wild where you can come across the amazing flora and fauna of the northern state of Georgia. In Chattahoochee National Forest the camping sites are open for excursionists who respect and treasure nature. Throughout the hills surrounding the city of Canton, GA trails criss-cross in between lakes, rivers and mountain springs with hidden natural wonders like the Amicalola Falls for some unforgettable sites. The hiking trails range from mild-challenging making it the ideal place for anyone to enjoy. Within the city you will also find various activities for families of all ages with a lively downtown area. If you’re looking to buy a house in the area you can get in contact with realtors in Canton GA and start your next journey.

Pooler, GA — best for IQ levels

It is often said that in order to succeed, the key is to surround yourself with the smartest people you can find. Well … moving to Pooler, GA will certainly take care of that. A study from 2016 found that Georgia’s smartest and most educated residents live in Pooler. Now that’s something to wrap your mind around. The research was based on highschool and higher graduation percentage of the population as well as the percentage of the population that doesn’t have a highschool diploma. In both areas of the research the city of Pooler stood out as 92.4% of its population has a high school diploma or went on to achieve higher educational attainment while having almost no high school dropouts.

With well educated residents it is easy to draw investors and develop a city, that being exactly what the leaders of Pooler have done as the population tripled in the 2000s and continued to grow at a more normal rate since 2010. After all, intelligence is one of the qualities that people look for when seeking potential places to relocate to. The combination leads to a developing community with plenty of job opportunities. Moving there is a good decision for the whole family and realtors in Pooler GA can help you find your dream home.

Athens, GA — best for retirees

For any types of retirees, the city of Athens, GA is ideal. With its beautiful historic architecture, natural wonders in its surrounding area and the ultimate college experience for all ages, Athens is known for its inclusive cultural events that fill the hearts of its residents. Known as a music mecca, Athens was even dubbed the №1 college music city of the country with bands like R.E.M. and B-52 calling it home.

The residents rally behind the football team of the University of Georgia while the University provides various other events as well as art and cultural events. In the downtown area of Athens you will always find a wide variety of musical performances and when you want to relax all you have to do is pay a visit to the spas, salons or go shopping for the afternoon. The State Botanical Garden of Georgia along with the Tree that Owns Itself will give you a glimpse into the quirky culture and beauty of the area. For a more ample look at the area’s real value we suggest you go for a light hiking trip where you can venture around the outskirts of town or within the city’s own parks. There are more than enough places to stretch your legs, stop for picnics and just enjoy the real treasures of northern Georgia’s natural attractions.

Decatur, GA — best place to live

This lovely small town will come up time and time again and start dancing and hula-hooping in front of you while in search for the best place to live in Georgia. It’s simple to see why it’s so persistent. First of all, it’s a suburb of Atlanta located just 18 minutes away from the giant metropolis. Secondly, being the embodiment of resurgence, the city’s school system continues to implement innovative educational methods that brought its ratings to the top three across the state for Best Schools in Georgia. It is also the best suburb of all of Georgia as well as the best place to live in the Peach State.

There’s no reason to hide this amazing family-friendly town as every Atlanta resident that is ready to give up the hustle and bustle of the big city will find Decatur in a little over 15 minutes. This town literally sells itself and that can be seen by the high cost of housing that is even higher than Atlanta’s. We can’t really hold a grudge against it. With a better quality of life, actually, the best quality of life in Georgia comes a higher cost of living, but hey, if you can afford it, go for it. You won’t be sorry.


So there you have it. The best of the best for the best reasons. Take your pick once you find your reason and dive into the unbelievable beauty of Georgia. With peaches and cobbler, warm hugs and charming smiles, the state of Georgia will enchant you and you’ll feel welcomed in any of these cities. Home is where the heart is and a peach is similar in shape to a heart so … from this idea we can only draw the conclusion that Georgia is not only the Peach State, but the Heart State as well. So find your home and open your heart to the beauty that surrounds you. Georgia welcomes you.

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