Can Old Homes Learn New Tricks? Smart Home Tech is the Answer

Theresa Hus
3 min readApr 18, 2017

With technology rapidly advancing, having an almost completely automated home is not impossible. Apps and detection systems make it possible for you to clap your lights on and off, monitor your house from your phone, get texts telling you exactly when the dishwasher is finished, and even remind you that your door is unlocked.

Along with all of the mundane, every-day things we can do with our phones and computers, technology has also made it easier and faster to heat our homes and use the internet anywhere in the house. However, while many modern homes are built with these new features in mind, older real estate in Collin County, TX, might be a bit harder to get up to speed.

Thick walls might make it hard for wi-fi to reach every nook and cranny of the house, and while the lengthy hallways and stone floors may seem charming, heating may become an issue. But you don’t have to start over or spend loads of money to fix these problems, especially when your tech is just as smart as you are.

Smart tech can include anything from sound-activated lights, to automated dishwashers and text-sending mousetraps. Nothing is impossible when you know what you want, and smart tech can help you solve almost any problem, and then some.

High electricity bill? Smart tech can remind you when high-usage hours are. Sensors can alert you in case you’ve left a window open, and even your fans can check for wind before turning on. While some of these may seem useless to you, the inventions only prove how many things we can use smart-tech for.

If you’re having trouble getting your wireless devices to connect unless you’re right next to the router, there are ways to fix your problem. Mesh-controllers can go on your walls and boost your signal throughout the house, and since each sensor can sense another, you can channel your wifi through several without the connection weakening.

Heating a big house can be hard, not to mention expensive. It’s wasteful to run your heaters for long periods of time, but also troublesome to turn one on and wait for the room you’re in to warm up. Smart-tech has a simple and easy solution for that, as well as a variety of options.

With apps on your phone, you can order the heating in another room to come on with the tap of a button, or remotely tell the heater to turn on in 15 minutes ahead of time. One smart-tech user even programmed his heater to turn on when his phone GPS signaled he was less than 15 minutes away.

Smart lighting is probably the simplest out of all these innovations, but also the most versatile and easy-to-use. By getting the special bulbs and installing the app on your phone, it can be just that easy to improve your daily life. However, depending on the prices, installing all of this in your home can be expensive. Ask your Maricopa County, AZ real estate agent about how much value you can add to your home.



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