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The coast of Florida is home to some of the most beautiful and entertaining coastline cities around the world. There are so many world-class beaches where you can have a great time, doing some of your favorite water and beach-related activities. There are plenty of trails where you could bike ride, walk or jog, and a lot of parks where you can have a close-up encounter with nature.

These are just a couple of the things you can expect to find on the coastline of the Sunshine State. Even though it is small in size, the town of Satellite Beach FL is able to deliver in terms of entertainment and fun things to do around. You will be pleased to find out that everyone can have a great time in this city because there is fun for all ages in Satellite Beach Florida.

Here are some of the best things to do around, alongside your family, friends, parents, or grandparents. If you are living in Satellite Beach FL or just visiting you will surely have a great time and a lot of fun.

Pelican Beach Park

There are many amazing stretches of beaches alongside the coast of Florida and one of them is surely the Pelican Beach Park. It is the most visited beach in Satellite Beach FL, and here there is literally fun to be had for all ages. You can bring your kids along for some fun in the sand, searching for seashells, or take them to the playground located on the beach. They will surely have a blast.

Of course, the centerpiece attraction of the Beach is surfing and if you are into this sport you will love this place. You can also bring your friends along for a volleyball game since the beach has volleyball courts placed along the waterfront. You can also prepare a picnic and dine at the covered pavilion where they have plenty of tables and cook stations available.

The beach is highly appreciated by locals and tourists for being a well-maintained stretch of beach, with clean restrooms and showers. It is not very crowded and they have plenty of parking spots around which makes it easily accessible and very convenient. Altogether it is an amazing place in Satellite Beach Florida for some water recreation activities, having fun or just relaxing and enjoying the sun.

Manatee Sanctuary Park

Interacting with maritime life is something totally different and unique that Florida has to offer. If that is something you are interested in doing then the Manatee Sanctuary Park is located just a short drive away from Satellite Beach FL in Cape Canaveral and it is one of the most fun experiences you can go too.

The park stretches for 10 miles and it is equipped with horseshoe pits, paved fitness trails and exercise stations, a covered riverside boardwalk, and picnic tables with grills in a covered pavilion. Most importantly you will often run into the star of the park which are the manatees that live in this protected habitat.

There is literally something for everyone to enjoy and your kids will love to see the manatees. Not only that but the park houses a variety of fauna such as turtles, different types of seabirds, squirrels and plenty of other wildlife. The boardwalk offers you stunning views over the river and you can enjoy the beautiful sunsets of Florida while having an amazing time at the Park.

Have a picnic with family and friends, admire the beautiful scenery and enjoy everything this amazing place has to offer.

Manatee Cove Golf Course

Another thing, Florida is well known for is their golf courses. If you are a golf enthusiast you might want to grab your best set of golf clubs and head on to Manatee Cove Golf Course. This golf course is located near Patrick Air Force Base and it requires you to have a military ID or civilian pass which is pretty easy to get.

Covering about 260 acres the scene views of the area are quite unique to be seen, especially on a golf course. It is an 18-hole scenic golf course and it is considered by many local golfers a good price for what it has to offer. Carts are available for anyone who is not willing to walk and it even has a restaurant with tasty food and cold drinks for the hot summer days.

Before the real game, you can hit the pre-round practice areas, and swing a couple of times for a good warmup. Also, their fully-stocked professional shop is great if you plan on upgrading your gear or get your first set of golf clubs. You will surely have a great time and a lot of fun on the Manatee Cove Golf Course.

Brevard Zoo

Seeing wildlife in their natural habitat is an exciting experience that brings a whole new dimension to wildlife interaction. But, most of the time you are limited in terms of variety. That’s why going to the Zoo provides you with a complete experience that takes you through all the different corners of the world exploring the unique wildlife in these areas.

Bevard Zoo is home to all types of exotic animals from all around the world and it is truly an exciting place to see no matter at what age you are. You will have a lot of fun exploring all different kinds of animals and species that you haven’t probably seen before. This place is located just a short drive away from Satellite Beach FL in Wickham Road, Melbourne and it is a fun journey to be on.

From rhinos and lions to monkeys and parrots, Brevard Zoo has a large array of animals. Additionally to their impressive animal exhibit, the Zoo offers guided tours, staff-led programs, and water recreational areas for children. A big hit with the kids is the train tour option which provides you with the perfect excuse to lay back, relax, and enjoy the splendors of the Zoo.


The east coast of Florida is home to some of the most exciting places that you, your family, and friends are going to enjoy. There is so much to explore and so much fun to be had that you are hardly going to find the time to do all of it. However, if you are captivated by the offering of the area maybe you should consider relocating here. If that is the case then contact one of the real estate agents in Satellite Beach FL in order to find a gorgeous home for yourself and your loved ones and enjoy all the wonders that the area has to offer year-round.

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