Things to do in San Antonio, TX

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4 min readFeb 17, 2020

The city of San Antonio has a very rich historical and cultural heritage. For many years the city of Alamo has been looked upon by many people who decided to relocate here, making it one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. San Antonio attracts over 37 million tourists every year and it is the perfect city for family, couples, and singles as well.

Low living expenses and accessible job market makes living in San Antonio easy and comfortable. These aspects combined with a welcoming environment and plenty of things to do drive a lot of traffic to the area. If you think about moving to San Antonio you can nail a good deal on a property with the help of our top realtors in San Antonio TX.

With this being said I think it is fair to say that the city of San Antonio is definitely a place worth considering in terms of attractions and entertainment. San Antonio is home to five UNESCO world heritage sites that represent the city. Dive into the local cuisine and the variety of restaurants that offer experiences from cuisines all around the world. If you are looking for an adrenaline-rushing experience? Take a trip to some of San Antonio’s waterparks and amusement parks. You like wildlife and nature, visit the botanical garden and the SeaWorld.

These are just a few attractions and there are many more things to do in San Antonio, TX. Let’s take a trip to the heart of San Antonio and see what makes this place such a touristic city. Here are some things, from our own list, to do in San Antonio, TX.

Events in San Antonio

San Antonio holds plenty of events year-round and depending on your traveling plans check out and see if there are any ongoing events by the time you get to San Antonio. Spring events, art, culinary and cultural events, family, outdoor, sports, music and entertainment, all these are events held in San Antonio. Here are some events you definitely need to check out if you’re around.

TASTE of the Northside

If you are a food lover you need to attend this event held in April in San Antonio. This is one of the most exclusive fiesta events with over 60 restaurants from which you can eat and sample endless varieties of wine and spirits.

Tierra Sagrada Primavera & Otoño

If you love music then you definitely need to attend live concerts held at the Sunken Garden Theater in San Antonio. These concerts bring thousands of people and if you are a rock and heavy metal fan then Tierra Sagrada Primavera & Otono are for you.

The Magic and Illusion of Scott Pepper

Scott Pepper is a Magician for over 25 years and has withheld numerous shows and outstanding performances that leave his audience speechless. If you love magic shows and magicians then this is the place for you. Also, if you are looking for things to do in San Antonio with your kids, magic is always a good idea and they will love it.

Texas Cyber Summit

If you are a tech geek and you love to experience some of the latest innovations in terms of technologies, there are many events in San Antonio that will offer just that. Such an event is the Texas Cyber Summit, an event that gathers around cybersecurity enthusiasts from all levels of expertise.

Things to do in San Antonio with your kids

A vacation in San Antonio with your family is going to be a memorable experience and your kids will love it. With so many options in terms of entertainment, you can surely find something to do in San Antonio together with your family. Here are a couple of things to do in San Antonio with your kids.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Amusement parks are always a favorite amongst the young ones but they could also be intimidating at the beginning. So hop alongside your kids in a roller coaster or in a Ferris wheel and enjoy the ride that will definitely give them something to talk about when they get home.

SeaWorld San Antonio

Visiting the SeaWorld in San Antonio should also be on your list of things to do with your kids. This 250-acre marine mammal park is a marine-life themed park that offers a close encounter with some of the smartest mammals in the Ocean. Your kids will love the spectacle held at the aquariums and they will be left with a very thrilling and educational experience.

The Magik Theatre

The shows held at this theatre aim to create really attractive and engaging stories for children. With shows such as The Magical Pinata, Dragons Love Tacos and Charlotte’s Web the organizers aim to create magical storytelling for children in order to grow and shape young minds and inspire creativity.


San Antonio has a rich, diverse culture and with a significant historical background, there is no question why over 37 million tourists visit the city of Alamo every year. You will always find activities and entertainment and you will never run out of things to do in San Antonio.

Because the city has such a family-friendly environment it is easy to find things to do with your family and kids. There is an ongoing event in San Antonio every day of the year so make sure you schedule your next trip to San Antonio for a memorable vacation.

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