Why Do Snowbirds Have A Sweet Tooth For Florida?

Theresa Hus
5 min readApr 15, 2024


Why is The Sunshine State the first thought when senior citizens are asked about their future moving plans? Something about Florida has become synonymous with the perfect winter getaway for snowbirds. Let’s discover what the reasons are behind Florida’s indisputable popularity!

How will a snowbird choose the best holiday destination?

Snowbirds have very particular tastes in choosing their following winter destination. They pick the ideal snowbirding place based on tangible perks, such as the most affordable rentals or cheapest real estate to buy. The Sunshine State’s best snowbird sites are “hardwired” in such a fashion that they deliver everything snowbirds wish for and much more.

They want excellent housing options and services on a budget.

Suppose you wish to benefit from the most reliable and newest home listings. Then, established and snowbird-friendly local real estate agents can assist you in finding the most reasonably-priced winter vacation rentals. Plus, they will recommend buying an affordable second home, for instance, in a gated senior community. That is, if you intend to return to the same spot annually.

Second, the cost of living is also a decisive factor. After all, snowbirds don’t want to spend their life savings on food, transportation, and medical bills. Florida truly excels in this regard because its cities are more affordable than other states.

Gorgeous surroundings are a must-have.

And since they escape the harshest winter, they want to benefit from the warmest climate. Beaches, crystal-clear waters, oceanfront views, and extraordinary recreation will also play a significant part in their decision. In short, they must consider which snowbird haven will bring the biggest and loudest bang for their buck.

Florida has the edge over other states.

What does Florida offer for snowbirds that other states can’t? The regular snowbird has long favored The Sunshine State, and for a good reason. The peninsula provides unparalleled warmth and endless miles of gorgeous sandy beaches. Furthermore, Florida showcases unlimited golfing options and exceptional birdwatching spots, two of the most special snowbird activities.

As a result of its immense popularity, Florida’s population grows by about five percent during the snowbird season.

With all that said, statistics show that two other states have given Florida a run for its money regarding the title of the top snowbird destination in America. Texas (represented by Missouri City, Pearland, and Pasadena) has dethroned The Peninsula State. Moreover, Arizona (with Gilbert, Mesa, and Chandler, AZ) has moved to the top ten trendiest snowbird spots.

How much do rentals cost in The Sunshine State?

On average, Florida’s East Central Coast condos cost between $2,800 and $6,000. Single-family units are available in the price range between $3,200 and $9,000.

Secondly, condominiums in the Northwestern region of Florida, called the Panhandle, feature the most budget-friendly housing options. Thus, they cost between $800 and $2,200. Simultaneously, you can rent single-family homes from $1,100 to $3,500.

Thirdly, South Florida rents are priced slightly higher than the first two regions. As a result, you can rent a condo between $2,500 and $8,000 and a single-family property between $5,000 and $12,000.

Yet, we must inform you that the median Florida property price increased by about seventeen percent to $405,000 as of December 2022.

Choose Florida, and you’ll enjoy tax benefits!

Choosing Florida has an enticing financial benefit to it. Suppose you wish to profit from zero-income tax while you snowbird in Florida. Then, you can resort to the so-called six-plus-one (six months and one day) rule. Moreover, taxes on real estate, investment revenues, and Social Security will be nonexistent.

However, to legally benefit from these tax advantages, you must physically spend said period in Florida supported by documents. There’s a procedure to obtain these tax benefits. First, you must alert your old state about your relocation. Then, you have to file a declaration of residence in Florida. Next, update your legal addresses on financial and legal papers.

Also, your voting rights will move to Florida. In fact, you’ll become a “legitimate snowbird” here.

How does Florida go about health coverage?

The same flexibility applies to other administrative procedures, such as healthcare coverage. Regularly, Florida accepts most types of health insurance. Still, we advise you to check your healthcare coverage before moving to Florida because it might be restricted to specific regions! If it is, you can purchase inexpensive private family and individual health insurance in Florida without breaking the bank.

Which are Florida’s most renowned snowbird destinations?

We can’t illustrate why this one-of-a-kind state is so trendy amongst snowbirds without providing some excellent examples. Let’s discover the highest-rated Florida cities on the 55 Places!

  • Ocala, Florida

The population of Ocala has increased from around 45,000 (in the 2000s) to 65,000 by 2023. The key to Ocala’s resounding success can be found in its affordability and low property taxes compared to other, bigger cities, such as Tampa or Daytona Beach. The plenty of unique natural sites, like Silver Springs State Park and Ocala National Forest, undoubtedly contributed to the “Horse Capital of the World’s” reputation. These display plants and wildlife of rare beauty, drawing millions of tourists annually.

Ocala has proven genuine concern and interest in snowbirds’ needs. For this reason, the charming town established several 55-plus communities, On Top of the World, Stone Creek, and SummerGlen being among the top-rated ones.

  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The “Venice of America’ in Southeaster, Florida, counts about 180,000 souls in 2023. It has become one of the senior citizens’ most well-known and cherished spots. It delivers a fantastic downtown experience on the Riverwalk Arts and Entertainment District with amazing bars and restaurants, shopping centers, museums (Bonnet House Museum and Gardens or the Museum of Discovery and Sciences), and galleries (like the Uncommon Gallery). We recommend attending colorful performances at Broward Center for the Performing Arts or the famous Florida Opera!

Suppose you’re looking for something genuinely out of the ordinary. In that case, book a Fort Lauderdale Boat Tour ticket or an Airboat Journey to Sawgrass Recreation Park!

  • Pembroke Pines, Florida

22 miles from Miami, Pembroke Pines (population 166,000) is another sure winner for snowbirds. The city enjoys an unbeatable advantage over its contenders because the Everglades National Park lies in its immediate vicinity. Pembroke Pines features primarily residential areas and a laid-back atmosphere ideal for older adults or retirees.

A day of perfect recreation implies sunbathing on Keating Beach or Hallandale Beach. By all means, you can also explore the neighboring Miami!


Prestige, fame, and reputation. Florida didn’t accumulate its accolades and high praises overnight. Instead, throughout many years, it managed to deliver the most reliable and high-quality snowbird-centered services. You instantly know what you’ll be up for if you choose Pembroke Pines, Fort Lauderdale, Tamarac, Margate, or Clearwater, FL.

Indeed, you can expect affordable winter vacation rentals, lower-than-your-average cost of living, and tax benefits. And we haven’t yet mentioned Florida’s incredible freshwater springs, breathtaking beaches, adventurous national parks, and expertly organized 55-plus active senior communities!

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the Sunshine State attracts the most snowbirds nationwide every year. Maybe, you should also give Florida a chance!



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